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Let the C&C Body Shop Give Your Car or Truck the Service and Repair it Deserves, with Quality of Work That's Second to None

Ever been in a fender-bender down around Parkersburg, WV? Maybe you've had a friend or family member get into an accident out in Athens, OH. Either way, in your search for collision repair services, perhaps around the corner in Vienna or out in Harrisville, WV, you might have come across the name C&C Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Toyota.

You were probably pleased to find out that, as we've been serving the greater Marietta, OH area for many years now, we weren't like other auto body shops. Now that you've chosen to consider us for your auto service and repair needs, you're likely interested in learning even more about what we do. Take a look at just some of the many services we offer.

  • Frame restoration: Time, Mother Nature, and collisions take their toll. Everything eventually rusts or deteriorates some. Not to worry; our expert car repair techs have you covered. We'll sand and polish affected areas, removing corrosion and peeling paint, put on a fresh coat, and rust-proof each surface. The result: a vehicle just as durable as it once was.
  • Surface repairs: Dents, dings, light scratches, and bad rashes can happen on the highways, back roads, and parking lots, of the world. Luckily, we've got both the tools and the talent to fix them. We can take care of paintless dent repair where possible, then use our leading-edge tech to restore your car's aesthetics to near-original state.
  • Body panel replacement: Superficial damage isn't always only skin-deep. It can hide larger problems, like metal decay. Over time, that weakness can spread to other areas. Some panels eventually just plain can't otherwise be repaired, and require replacement. We'll get rid of your old panels and put on new ones with the right tools and hardware to take care of business the first time.
  • Glass, light, and mirror replacement: There's almost nothing more important for a driver than a clear view. A busted mirror directly prevents it. Worse yet, a dead head or tail light or a shorted brake bulb can go unnoticed, leading to visibility issues for both you and other drivers trying to determine your intentions in traffic. Bring chipped or cracked glass into the mix, and you'd be surprised: it can affect everything from your airbag network and seatbelts to the stability of your vehicle's roof during an accident. Those fixes? They're second nature to us.
  • Mechanical repairs and replacements: Extenuating circumstances can arise after every collision or other road incident. Oil spots or slicks left behind can mean a crack in an oil line. Steering or braking issues, overheating, other leaks? Given that both those systems and your coolant system's closed, they're letting you know something's up. If you're experiencing electrical issues, sure, they could be a blown fuse or an ignition coil, spark plug, or wiring problem. But more significant power problems are even harder to find. That's where we come in. We'll diagnose and repair any other issues that might arise, in your cabin, under your hood, from bumper to bumper. Plus, we'll only use genuine OEM-approved auto parts and accessories to do so -- quality assurance you won't find from other local body shops lacking specialized knowledge.

Eager to discuss your collision repair and body work needs? You're welcome to give us a call, send us a message on the Web, or visit our 1305 Pike Street showroom in Marietta for an in-person consultation. You can even cut to the chase and schedule a service appointment online if your needs are urgent. We look forward to helping you get back in the driver's seat with confidence!

Manager : Josh Caplinger

Assistant : Rocky Csuvay

Contact Phone : (740) 373-2928


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C&C Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Toyota

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