How to Change the Clock on Your Ram Truck

Ram trucks are technologically equipped with a suite of intelligent features including a resourceful tool that allows you to tell the time when you're out on the road. Now, even though this is a relatively straightforward idea, the idea of changing the time or adjusting the clock in your Ram truck can sometimes be perplexing.

Whether your clock is running behind or it's daylight savings time and your clock did not automatically adjust, it's important to know the steps to take to change the clock when necessary. To get started, follow the instructions below.

Changing the Clock in Your Ram Truck

First and foremost, it's important to realize that changing the clock on your Ram truck may differ depending on what model you have. The biggest difference will be between old and newer Ram models, but generally this guide will help drivers access their settings and change the clock in their Ram truck regardless of what model they have.

If you have a newer Ram model with an infotainment touchscreen display, locate the time settings button or the menu button to access the settings for your vehicle. If you have an older model you'll want to look for your settings button, but if you don't have an interactive central display look towards your actual clock and find the buttons next to it which will help you adjust the time. Normally there are two designated buttons, one for changing the hours and one for changing the minutes.

Next, adjust the time accordingly and exit out of your settings to set and lock the time. If you still notice a discrepancy with your time, exit out and try again or contact us at C&C Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Toyota to figure out what's the best way to change your time settings in your specific Ram vehicle.

Visit Us In-Person for Additional Help

If for some reason you still can't manage to adjust the time settings in your Ram, we encourage you to visit us at our dealership and ask one of our certified service technicians to help walk you through the process.

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